Recreational Contact Information

Recreation Age Group Coordinators (AGC)

Age Group Coordinators (AGC’s) are responsible for organizing the teams after each registration period and work under the direction of the CEO and works with the club Registrar and Director of Coaching. This includes the assigning of players and coaches to each team. They will also work with the Director of Coaching and office to staff to find coaches for teams in need of one. The AGCs, help find recreation team coaches, assign players to teams; notify coaches of any changes that occur during the season, such as change of practice field/time; pass out league information, forms and awards for the teams within their age group. The Age Group Coordinator is the first point of contact regarding player problems or questions regarding the league. These persons provide specific individuals for coaches and parents to contact concerning any questions and/or problems.

Age Group Coordinators

Age Group Name Email
1999/2000/2001/2002/2003 Jennifer Green
2004 & 2005 Jason Greer
2006 & 2007 Dave Groves
2008 & 2009 Jack Caulton
2010 Julie Myers
2011 Margaret Verdugo
2012 Dave Groves
Rancho Murieta All Age Groups Doug Mattos

Additional Contacts

Technical Staff:

Dave Groves: Director of Recreation –

Dan James: 2013 – 2006 – Director of Coaching –

Ben Ormsby: 2005 – 1999 – Director of Coaching for Girls –

Greg Rubendall: 2005 – 1999 – Director of Coaching for Boys –

Administrative Staff:

Andrew Ormsby: Recreation Practice and Game Scheduler –

Patsy Cosenza: Office Manager –

Jen Mattos: Comp Administrator –

Andrew Donnery: CEO –

Additional Contacts:

Debra Carlton: President –

William Newsom – VP –

Cheryl Russell – TopSoccer Coordinator –

Keith Stephen – Board Member –

Randy Cassens – Board Member –

Stephen Cosenza – Comp Game Scheduler –

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