Soccer has been played in Elk Grove under the Banner of Elk Grove youth Soccer League for the past thirty years.  With the assistance of the leagues Director of Referees certified officials who are currently licensed with US soccer under the California North Referee Association (CNRA). Have been assigned to challenging games at all age and skill levels.  This page was specifically designed and developed with the explicit purpose of disseminating useful information to Referees in a simply manor, as well as give potential prospective new referees a step by step set of instructions on how to locate classes and Register with  California North Referee Association (CNRA) for upcoming courses.  This page contains a great amount of useful information: contact information of all league assignors, a hyperlink to the Cosumnes Service District list of parks, a set of instruction on how to report field issues, the CSD park closure hotline, instructions for new Referees, renewal information and a set of hyperlinks to all Referee Reports.

Referee Assignors

Mark Lloret – Director of Referees EGYSL –  – 916-752-2679

Daryl Rosario – Assistant Director of Referees EGYSL – – 916-600-8166

Ranier Guzman – East Side Assignor EGYSL – – 916-525-3280

Steven Gustison – East Side Assignor EGYSL – – 916-216-7030

Wayne Yeager – Westside Assignor EGYSL – – 916-261-2889

Hans Merten – Ranch Murieta Assignor EGYSL –

Field Locations

Thanks in part to the growth of the sports popular, youth soccer in Elk Grove has also tremendously grown.  To the point that the Elk Grove Youth Soccer League uses many park soccer field in and around the City of Elk Grove.  As Officials you may be asked to officiate matches at different locations weekly, to aid match officials in finding the correct parks and fields.  Below is a hyperlink to the Cosumnes Service Districts list of parks in the Elk Grove Area.

Field List Click Here

Reporting Field Issues

As match officials prior to the start of each match, we should inspect the fields to ensure that the fields themselves are safe for play.  In the event that you are assigned to a field that is unsafe or just needs maintenance, you should report any issues to the Director or Assistant Director of Referees via e-mail.  Field maintenance is the responsibility of the Cosumnes Service Districts, however to get the issues resolved we must notify them.  In the E-mail include specific issues and a picture of the issue.  The Directors of Referees will filter and forward your reports to the Leagues Field Assignor who directly deals with the CSD.

Mark Lloret – Director of Referees EGYSL –    – 916-752-2679

Daryl Rosario – Assistant Director of Referees EGYSL – – 916-600-8166

CSD Field hotline/Rain outs

Soccer is a game that is play rain or shine, however the Elk Grove Youth Soccer league has a contract with the cities park district (CSD) and before during or after a rainstorm CSD may close the parks.  If the parks are close we shall not allow game to start.  List below is the telephone number to the CSD Field closure hotline. If you are scheduled to referee a game during a rain storm please call the number below before leaving your house.  You may still have to go to the park to inform the coaches.

CSD Field Hotline – 916-405-5682

New Referees

In Elk Grove because of the growth of the sport, we are always looking to add new officials to our ranks. Whether you are still a player an aging out player or just an adult fan of the sport officiating match is a wonderful to give back to the soccer.  Officials who are currently licensed to officiate match are paid professionals. If you are interested in becoming a match official   list below is a step by step process to locate a course as well as register with the California North Referee Association (CNRA) to become a grade 8 US Soccer Official.


Step 1. – Click the link list here for the courses offered in Elk Grove By the two instructors.

List of Courses Offered  – Write down the course number on the far left side.

Step 2. – Now log onto to

Step 3. – Click on NEW USER on the left of the page.

Step 4. – Click on “I have never been a registered referee

Step 5. – Click on the box that states “you meet the requirements that you have never been a soccer referee”

Step 6. Now fill out the New User page, click on the bottom then click “continue” on the next page

Step 7. – Fill out the user maintenance   For the Region we are in the NORTH Region

Step 8. – Make sure you fill out the User info, Contact info, and the Emergency info

Step 9. – Once done it will redirect you to the home page

Step 10. – Click on “Courses” that are on the left side of the age

Step 11. – Click on Referee courses

Step 12. – Click on entry-level courses

Step 13. – Click on the left side on the course date, Register for the course. Pay the $55 online fee and then bring the balance of $20 to the first date of the course.   Please make sure you make note of the course you are signing up for and show up on the first date of the course.

Course cost is $75 for the Entry Level Referee Course in EGYSL

Any questions call Mark Lloret at 916-752-2679   or Daryl Rosario at 916-600-8166 or 


Renewing your USSF Referee License

Step 1. – Login to your account

Step 2. – At the top of the home page click on “change identity

Step 3. – Click on the “switch” that is next to your “1271 CNRA official” this will take you to the registration page of CNRA.

Step 4. – On the home page click on “courses 

Step 5. – click on “Referee Courses

Step 6. – Then click on “USSF ANNUAL REFEREE 2018 renewal – Grade 8, or whatever USSF Grade Level you are.

Step 7. – If you missed your 2017 renewal you will have to click on the link that says you missed one year of registration. If you missed 2 years then click on that link.  If you have missed more than two years you are supposed to take a New Entry level course.

Step 8. – Follow the instructions in its entirety.

Step 9. – Registration cost is $55

Step 10. – Follow prompts, then enter your Credit Card or Debit Card information (visa or master-card).


Once  you have confirmed your payment information you will receive an email with your registration confirmation (when given the opportunity print out a copy of your re-registration).

 It  will take approximately 4  to  8 weeks to receive your new badge.


 Remember to keep your availability up to date in


As Officials from time to time depending on the behavior and action of the coaches, spectator, and players we are required to fill out match reports as well as incident reports.  As unpleasant as this is for all parties involved this is part of officiating match and must be done within 24 hours.  To aid you finding the proper reports below are the hyperlinks and the governing bodies.

Norcal Matches sendoff report –

Norcal Matches – incident report with a concussion-

CalNorth Matches sendoff with concussion Rec. –