Alejandro Reyes Commits to Dominican University of California

Elk Grove Soccer 01B Platinum 1 Goalkeeper

Alejandro Reyes Verbally Commits to Dominican University of California

Alejandro has been playing with Elk Grove Soccer his entire youth career. In the beginning, he played the field and goalkeeper but, he eventually decided to play goalkeeper full time. His distribution from the back and shot stopping are his major attributes, but his work rate and positive attitude every day in training and during games has made him the player he is today. Congratulations Alejandro.

Below is an interview with Elk Grove Soccer Player, Alejandro:


1 – when did you begin your Elk Grove Soccer Career and what made you choose Elk Grove Soccer?
I began my Elk Grove Soccer Career at U-10 so when I was around 9.  I chose Elk Grove because at the time it was a new club that had high expectations and good coaches, so I wanted to join and try and get better.

2 – what about the game drives you?
There are two things that drive me, the love that I feel while playing in games and practicing that I can’t get from anything else, and the competition that comes with the game is always making me want to get better.

3 – when did you decide that you wanted to play at the next level?
The beginning of my junior year is when it really hit me that in a couple of years I would be done with club soccer forever, when I realized that I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to stop playing.  Thus, helping my decision to continue to play at the next level after high school.

4 – do you play soccer outside of training? If so, what do you do and how many hours do you put in a week on your own?
Outside of training, I juggle and do a variety of shooting and technical drills for about an hour, three times a week. About two times a week I get in the gym to lift weights to prevent myself from injury. Also, I play high school soccer when the season starts.  

5 – what would you tell a younger player who wants to become a college soccer player?
I would tell a younger player that if you really want it you can do it.  Nothing is impossible, you just have to be willing to work as hard as you possibly can to play at the next level; because natural talent and athleticism starts to not take you very far when trying to play at the next level, so you have to work and do more than your teammates in order to get to be a college athlete.

6 – what is your major going to be and why?
I will be majoring in Psychology because I love to help other people, and hopefully when I’m all done with all of the schooling I need to do I want to be an athletic counselor at a college.  

7 – what was the college recruitment process like and describe the pressure you went through making this decision?
The college recruitment process was very hard work.  You really must sell yourself to coaches and make sure you are constantly in contact with them.  Highlight videos and attending camps worked the best for me in getting recruited and it seemed to be that way for everyone else as well.  Even though I really liked the school I still felt a lot of pressure choosing the school. Because when it comes down to it that’s where you will be spending the next four years of your life, so it is a very big and important decision.

8. Why did you choose Dominican University of California?

I chose Dominican for many reasons, not just because of their soccer program, but because they had the major I liked, I love the bay area and the school is a ten minute BART ride into the city (San Francisco), and I really loved the campus.