Interview with Alexa Madueno


FC Elk Grove 02G Platinum 1

Alexa Madueno has verbally committed to San Diego State University. After participating in Surf Cup, November 2017, Alexa was highly sought after by several top-level colleges. After going on several college visits and participating in college ID camps, Alexa was offered an athletic scholarship to play for SDSU, an offer she accepted.   

Below is an interview with Alexa:

How did it feel to have colleges seeking you out?

    1. It felt great because I knew that all my hard work was paying off and coaches were interested. But it was also nerve-racking because they could be there for a few minutes and if I made one mistake or maybe a few, they could get up and leave and I could have lost my opportunity 

What was the recruiting experience like?

    1. I was very proactive emailing coaches my schedule, but once it came to the game and I saw them watching it was very nerve-racking. I got good at phone calls. When it came to camps I pushed myself to show that I was better than the other keepers, it was tiring but worth it. Towards the end it become harder because I had to start thinking about my education first, then soccer. I narrowed it down to my top three, but the worst part about it was telling all the other colleges that I committed; it felt like I disappointed them. 

How did you deal with the pressure of speaking to college coaches?

    1. About 30 mins before speaking with them, I would write down questions that I was going to ask, just in case my mind went blank. Then, when the time came I would go to my backyard and just sit there talking to them. As time went on and I spoke to more coaches, it become easier.  And coaches did a good job to keep the conversation going. 

What made you choose San Diego State University?

    1. I felt a great connection with the coaches and knew if I went there they would look out for me and want the best for me. Once they showed me the campus, especially the soccer field, I fell in love. Also, I knew that if I went there I would be playing good soccer at a high level. 

How much work have you put into getting to this point so far?

    1. I have been training as a goalkeeper for about 10 years now. I practiced as much as I could in any weather. As years went on I learned to read the game and understand it. There came major injuries and disappointments, such as getting cut from programs, but I bounced back from them and pushed myself even harder to be the best I could be. 

What advise would you give a younger player with aspirations of playing in college?

    1. I would say, “push yourself and work hard. Do not doubt yourself.” Once they get to the age of scouting; do not turn down any coach, give them a chance to show what they can offer. Stay in touch with them and send them your schedule.”