On His Way to West Point – Jonathan Kim is on the Path to Success!

Elk Grove Soccer Soccer Graduate Has Eyes Firmly Set on Career

Elk Grove Soccer and our community are extremely proud of Jonathan and all he has accomplished so far in his young career on and off the field. Jonathan will join West Point Military Academy in the Fall. We spoke with Jonathan Kim about his playing career in Elk Grove Soccer and how that has help shaped the person he is today.

When did you start playing soccer at Elk Grove?

Initially, I played 2 years of recreational soccer and then in the late Spring of 2013, I began my journey with FC Elk Grove. After firsthand experiencing the amazing community within FC, I stayed with the club for the rest of my club career.

How has playing soccer helped you get to where you are today?

Soccer became my pride and passion. As anyone would affirm, sports has an incredible way of teaching you leadership, perseverance, teamwork, time management, and discipline. Those same attributes follow you to the classroom and it reflects in your character. Through tournaments, late night practices, and being the captain; the lessons were endless. Perhaps the most influential traits I have learned is the ability to be a leader, to be a team player, and to never give up.

Why did you choose to go to West Point?

I wanted to become a part of something bigger than myself. Typical colleges have a very direct pathway: go to class, get good grades, earn a degree, and then enter the workforce. But, West Point gave me something that no other Private or UC college could give me; It gave a purpose, a purpose to make our world a safer place, serve my country, be selfless, be a leader, and make a true difference in our world. And that was the most important things for me, West Point gave me a purpose and an opportunity to serve others. As part of the curriculum at West Point, it is mandatory that all students play sports so I will be trying out for the NCAA Division 1 soccer team.

What would you like to do after West Point?

After West Point, I will be pursuing my MD in order to serve in the US Military as a Medical Officer. After intense medical schooling and my residency, My dream is to spend many years serving in our active military around the world as a cardiothoracic surgeon, performing miracles and doing what no one else can do. My goal isn’t simply just to fight and protect, but it’s also to save as many people as I can.

What advice would you give to a young soccer player in the club?

Play your part. Not everyone is meant to be the goal scorer, set-piece taker, or captain. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get what you want. Similar to a soccer game, there are an infinite number of variables that you cannot control: the weather, the referee, and the pitch, however, what you can control are your actions and your attitude. Always be grateful to your family, coaches, teachers, mentors, and listen to their advice. Be a life-long student.