Courtney Freas Commits to Folsom Lake College

Elk Grove Soccer 02G Platinum 1 Right Back

Courtney Freas Verbally Commits to Folsom Lake College

Courtney Freas is a right back for the 02G Platinum 1 team, she has been with the club since 2016. Courtney’s constant work, dedication and positive attitude has paid off. She was spotted by Folsom Lake College, one of the top colleges in their division and was a highly sought after. Courtney is constantly working on her game, always speaking with her coach and making sure she understands what is expected of her on and off the field. Congratulations Courtney!

Below is an interview with Elk Grove Soccer Player, Courtney Freas:


1 – when did you begin your Elk Grove Soccer Career and what made you choose Elk Grove Soccer?

I began playing At FC Elk Grove about half way through my u15 year and the reason I made the decision to play at FC Elk Grove was my team was so welcoming and made me feel like a part of a soccer family and they pushed me to work for what I wanted.

2 – what about the game drives you?

The major part of the game that drives me is everything you do is unpredictable you could be doing a move and master it and then come back to it and not be able to do it. you can be on the field and the game can be going so great and the other team gets the lucky bounce of the ball. The game of soccer just keeps you on your toes,

3 – when did you decide that you wanted to play at the next level?

I Truly don’t remember when I decided I wanted to play at the next level. In the back of my mind I knew that this is what I want to do and I want to go far in soccer.

4 – do you play soccer outside of training? If so, what do you do and how many hours do you put in a week on your own?

Yes, I train outside of soccer practice and soccer games all the time. The major thing I do is I am in the weight room for advanced weights every day. I go to a striker trainer to help me work on my form for striking and passing the ball correctly. And anytime that there is a ball near my feet on the court with me or anything I’m either juggling it doing moves passing it doing anything and that goes a long way because those small little touches help me big time.

5 – what would you tell a younger player who wants to become a college soccer player?

Something I would tell a younger player that wants to become a college soccer player is to set your goals and to know that you have bad days but that doesn’t Define you as a player.

6 – what is your major going to be and why?

The major I’ll be going to is criminal justice and the reason being for this is I’m in love with anything related to True Crime.

7 – what was the college recruitment process like and describe the pressure you went through making this decision?

The college recruitment process was scary, stressful and almost felt impossible. The pressure I went through making the decision was is this what I want am I going to fit in and is this going to help me pursue my next step in soccer.

8 – why did you choose Folsom Lake College?

The number one reason I chose Folsom Lake College was the coaches made me feel welcomed. They showed me the style of play they play, they showed me their training sessions and they’ve really made me feel as if I had been there the whole time. Also, I love the campus, I love the stadium and I love everything involving Folsom Lake College.