Interview with Kwabena Boateng

Elk Grove Soccer (EGS) is on the up and up, with the player base growing every year, and America’s love of soccer is at an all-time high. During this break, Elk Grove Soccer was able to catch up with a future star Kwabena Boateng(KB)  who played with EGS from U10 to U17 and was coached by Benjamin Ormsby (Platinum) and John Shea (Premier). KB plays center back for the Sacramento Republic Academy, was recently called into the U18 National Team Camp and has verbally committed to UC Irvine to play soccer at the college level.

Below is the recent interview.

How long have you been playing soccer?

KB. I began playing soccer in 2011. My first year of soccer I played select(Premier) soccer in the u11 age group and the next season after that I moved up to competitive.

How long did you play for FC Elk Grove?

KB. I played for FC Elk Grove my whole soccer career until I joined Sacramento Republic Academy earlier this year.

What is your most memorable moment while playing for FC Elk Grove?

KB: My most memorable moment while playing for FC Elk Grove was winning state cup back in my u13 season with my team. Going through the knockout stage wasn’t easy for us with very close games and a pk shootout in the semi-finals. I remember feeling very happy and excited after we won state cup because it felt like it was well deserved.

Did you watch a lot of soccer in your home growing up?

KB: Whether I wanted to watch soccer or not, there was always a soccer match on the TV and eventually I started to enjoy watching soccer. I started watching soccer more often around the same time that I played my first season with FC Elk Grove.

Who is your favorite professional team?

KB: My dad has always been a Chelsea fan and when began watching soccer, I quickly became attached to Chelsea just like my father so my favorite professional team would definitely have to be Chelsea.

Who is your favorite player and why?

KB: My favorite professional player is and always has been Asamoah Gyan. Both of my parents were born in Ghana and I grew up watching a lot of Ghana national team games as well. Asamoah Gyan really inspired me growing up because of his ability to lead Ghana into many tough tournaments like Both the 2010 and 2014 World Cups as well as AFCON every year and not only captain Ghana to victory but score a lot of goals while doing it.

What do you credit most for your achievement?

KB: I credit a lot of my achievements to my parents because I know it takes a lot to drive your kid all over California for seven years just to play games. Key coaches and other individuals have also played a large role in my success as well as my teammates. Most of all, I credit my success to my own personal will to improve each day not only as an athlete but as a human being as well as my drive to keep pushing the boundaries that people continuously try to set on me.

What would you tell a 10-year-old who wants to play for the national team?

KB: Achieving what you want in life is never going to be easy nor should it be and if you continue to put together the right balance of training and determination as well as remember to hold yourself to a high standard at all times, you’ll start beginning to see yourself stand out from the rest of the pack and others will begin to notice too.