Interview with Trevor Brown

Trevor Brown Verbally Commits to California State University East Bay

Elk Grove Soccer 01B Platinum 1 Winger

Trevor Brown Verbally Commits to California State University East Bay

Trevor was spotted by the East Bay coaching staff after attending a College ID camp. They’ve watched him play since and have offered him an athletic scholarship to play for them in the fall of 2019.

Below is an interview with Elk Grove Soccer Player, Trevor Brown:


1 – when did you begin your Elk Grove Soccer Career and what made you choose Elk Grove Soccer?

I began playing rec soccer when I was 5 years old.  I tried out for competitive soccer when I was 9 and made a select team.  I like Elk Grove soccer because it is in my hometown and at the time most of my friends were playing for the club.

2 – what about the game drives you?

Competitive soccer drives me because I get to play against higher level and skilled competition.  This pushes me to be a better player and to develop.

3 – when did you decide that you wanted to play at the next level?

Three years ago I was playing at the highest competitive level for Elk Grove Soccer.  I was not playing to my potential and when tryouts came for the next season my coach told me I needed to go down to the B team and figure out if I really wanted to play soccer.  He told me I had to work harder and develop.  This was the turning point for me.  I worked so hard that year and decided that I wanted to play soccer into college and hopefully professionally.  That year was a learning curve for me and that season I put in the work on and off the field which helped me earn my spot back on the A team and reinforced that I wanted to be the best player I can be.

4 – do you play soccer outside of training? If so, what do you do and how many hours do you put in a week on your own?

I am on the pitch every day for 1 to 2 hours.  Since I am a winger, I practice my dribbling at pace, skill moves on pace and work on my shot inside and outside the box in various positions.  I also train with my team 3 times a week.  I also work on my fitness and endurance every single day, either at the gym or running.

5 – what would you tell a younger player who wants to become a college soccer player?

Put the work in on and off the field and start building relationships with college coaches early in high school.  Make sure to get out to ID camps and show coaches what you can do.  Do not forget about school…that is so important.  You can have a great college interested in you but if you don’t have the grades that can hurt you.

6 – what is your major going to be and why?

I am not quite sure on my major yet.  I enjoy working out and possibly want to become a trainer or physical therapist.  I want to help people be healthy and feel good about themselves.

7 – what was the college recruitment process like and describe the pressure you went through making this decision?

The college recruiting process was a big commitment; lots of contacts and follow up emails, and calls.  It was fun getting to know the coaches and the teams that I was interested in.  I spent a lot of time researching schools, their soccer programs and their academics.  It was a huge decision to commit to Cal State East Bay.  As long as you know you are happy with the team and the campus you should be good with your decision.  It might be scary, but I will let you know that when I committed, I knew I would feel at home at Cal State East Bay.  I knew the coach and the team would continue to push me to be the best player I can be.