Jaedyn Sanders Commits to San Jose State

Elk Grove Soccer 02G Platinum 1 Center Back Jaedyn Sanders verbally commits to California State University San Jose

Jaedyn was spotted by San Jose State’s coaching staff in Las Vegas while playing in the Players Showcase. When Jaedyn first started with Elk Grove Soccer, she was playing as a winger. When asked by her coach to fill in at center back, she excelled and was recruited by several colleges. Elk Grove Soccer is proud of all that Jaedyn has accomplished and wish her the best of luck in San Jose.

Below is an interview with Elk Grove Soccer Player, Jaedyn Sanders:

1 – When did you begin your Elk Grove Soccer Career and what made you choose Elk Grove Soccer?
I joined Elk Grove soccer in 2016 because it presented me better training and opportunities.

2 – What about the game drives you?
I continue to be driven by the game because I’m a very competitive person. I love challenging not only myself to get better, but also my teammates.

3 – When did you decide that you wanted to play at the next level?    I decided that I wanted to play at the next level when I joined Elk Grove Soccer because as I succeeded and progressed as a player I realized that I needed better competition and players around me to be successful at the next level.

4 – Do you play soccer outside of training? If so, what do you do and how many hours do you put in a week on your own?
Playing soccer outside of your team is important. I usually train 3 days a week outside of training for at least an hour and a half.

5 – What would you tell a younger player who wants to become a college soccer player?
In order to achieve being a college soccer player, you should work hard outside of training with not only soccer but also grades and make sure you’re prepared for the recruiting process.

6 – What is your major going to be and why?
I plan to major in kinesiology because I am very interested in exercise and the health of others.

7 – What was the college recruitment process like and describe the pressure you went through making this decision?
The process was stressful at times, but it was always worth it. No matter if I was interested in a school or not, I would always contact them which made the process a little easier.

8. Why did you choose San Jose State?
San Jose State is a unique school which isn’t too far from home. They are also recently becoming a lot better in their league play. I know that playing time will not be handed to me and it will be a challenge, but I am excited to work hard in order to achieve it.