Mission Statement

Elk Grove Soccer Mission Statement

To be recognized as the best soccer organization in the country in terms of its players, its coaches, its referees, its fans, and its community.  We will invest in the quality of our children’s memorable experiences by creating a soccer environment that enhances fun, camaraderie, knowledge of the game, and affords the opportunity for each child to improve his/her skills at the highest level possible based upon the player’s commitment and desire.

Core Values

  • To make decisions as an organization based on the best interest of the players.
  • To create a cohesive inclusive environment.
  • To deliver quality education for all coaches.
  • To clearly and effectively communicate to all Elk Grove Soccer constituents.
  • To promote the growth, as well as the development of the game of soccer in the community.

 Strategic Goals

  • Build the Membership – We will seek to expand youth soccer in Elk Grove to share the sport with as many people as possible so that all children in the area have an opportunity to experience the sport.
  • Promote the Sport – We are proud of our sport and the joy, camaraderie, and memorable experiences shared by everyone involved, and we will communicate this with the community at large.
  • Achieve Competitive Success – We will seek to create a tradition of competitive success.  When our competitive athletes are successful in fulfilling their dream to play soccer in high school or college, or even professionally, our youth players benefit from the inspiration these athletes give to them.