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National Premier League Champions

Elk Grove Soccer 02G Platinum

The championship was FC Elk Grove’s third major title of the calendar year with the side having picked up NPL Champions League and State Cup honors as well, while the Earthquakes come home with the national title as well as a Champions League victory.

Thanks to a strong defense that only allowed one goal throughout five games, Elk Grove captured the title early Monday with a 1-0 overtime victory over FC Stars West, a top side from Massachusetts.

“A lot of it was defensive just because the teams we played were very direct, there wasn’t a lot of build up play from our opposition, they weren’t really trying to play the ball on the floor,” said head coach Ben Ormsby. “We had to be tight in our lines and organized.”

For Ormsby and FC Elk Grove, the title will go down in the annals of the club’s history as a high point.

“We’ve had really good girls teams in the past,” Ormsby said. “Some of the older staff members, board members, were telling me that when we had Megan Rapinoe in the club, we took them to a national title and got second.

“For the club [this title is] one of those beacons,” he added. “The club’s been around for a long time…for us it’s now just trying to get players to understand that we’re trying to develop good soccer players.”

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