Welcome to our unique partnership between Elk Grove Soccer and Elk Grove Charter School

Elite student athletes, who have the passion and desire to be competitive at the professional and college level, need a unique environment that is created to combine their development as an athlete while combining the journey as a student. In the US, there are little or no opportunities for elite student athletes to combine a rigorous academic calendar with their elite level athletic schedules. Traditional schools do not offer the flexibility or even basic every day needs to support a developing elite athlete.

This partnership was created and designed to provide driven elite student athletes the chance to optimize their true athletic potential while balancing their excellence in the classroom. The school day is developed to balance development on and off the field.

Marc LaVine, principal of Elk Grove Charter proudly shared, “As an educator and parent in the Elk Grove Community, I’m excited for this partnership. The more I meet with Andrew and the staff at Elk Grove Soccer it is clear that the mission of the club and the school are aligned. We work with individual students and families focused on meeting their specific needs and we measure success one student at a time. More importantly, we celebrate our students’ achievements based on their goals and dreams. I look forward to our work with the club and families of Elk Grove Soccer as this partnership develops.”

Elk Grove Soccer partners with students to create a unique learning approach using the charter school as the academic hub. Students can choose among lectures, seminars, workshops, discussion groups, online learning, labs, and one-on-one meetings with teachers. Each student partners with their teacher to design goals for the upcoming weeks and months. This process enables students to learn through reflection as they consider their learning styles and needs. They begin to manage their time, take control of their learning, and develop a skillset needed for their next step in their career.

Volo Sports Academy (Elk Grove Charter School soccer program) students begin each day with training at the field, we work on a variety of skills including technical/tactical, decision making, coordination and balance, awareness, and development as an elite player. Research shows, by beginning the day with exercise allows the body to release dopamine, this makes the brain “wake”, and therefore, activates the student during the learning day. This has been shown to increase and enhance productivity in the school setting.

The Volo Sports Academy curriculum is designed and created by the Volo Sports Academy Staff. The curriculum has created national, professional players, and has placed over 150 players in college. At the highest level of soccer, the game is played at a high tempo and demands a high level of technical ability with a special cognitive understanding. As the game has become faster, the importance of technical execution is paramount to our foundation. Performing these skills under pressure is central to our development methodology.

The Volo Sports Academy dramatically increases the number of contact hours our players have with the soccer ball. In the US, a typical elite soccer player trains 2 or 3 times per week for 90 minutes a time. In Europe and other elite environments around the world, they train 8-10 times per week. Our morning sessions enable our elite athletes to match their European elite youth counterparts while increasing their academic progress.

The program is run by Volo Sports Academy staff and led by UEFA A and US Soccer A Licensed Sporting Director, Andrew Donnery.

Elk Grove Soccer partners with Elk Grove Charter School

The Volo Sports Academy aims to meet the needs of the elite soccer players in the Greater Sacramento Area. 

We would like to welcome to our unique partnership.

Please feel free to look through our information. Please contact us with any questions. 

The Charter Movement

Freedom of choice.

Our thoughts on the why.

There is a need to answer a problem. 

School Profile

The Elk Grove Charter School – Background and Information. 

Marc LaVine

School Principal.

Andrew Donnery

Sporting Director

Athletic Problem

There is a problem.

The question

Is there a problem?

10,000 hours

The amount needed to achieve elite level performance. 

Anders Ericsson

What is the 10,000 rule?

Comparative Study

Elite Youth Environments – How many hours do other youth elite environments train for?

The US Model

How we are trying to develop players.

2 days per week training

Beginning at age 8 through 18. Total hours 1500.

3 days per week training

Beginning at age 8 through 18. Total hours 2300.

Comparative Study

European Football Environments.

But that is Europe

European players now coming to the US for college scholarships and competing with US players.

How can we help?

Creating an advantage for our players.

Our mission

Create elite level players.

10,000 hours

How to create the model in the US.

7th Grade

The school week.

8th Grade

The school week.

9th Grade

The school week.

Coach session and themes

Areas to consider.

Player Development

Whole Player Training, Age Specific, and Player Centered.

DNA of an Elite Player

Psychological, Tactical, Social and Physical.

Sports Science

Technical/Tactical, Physical and Psychological.

Academic Development

Phases of Development.

Individual Development

Tracking individuals development.

How players learn

Understanding different learning styles.


Different types of games enhances development.

For more information

Please feel free to contact the school direct.

You can contact the school by email:

Marc LaVine – Principal mlavine@egusd.net or Dayana Diaz – Program Assistant gdiazqui@egusd.net

You can contact the school by Phone:


When contacting the school please mention EG Soccer or the Volo Sports Academy.