US Olympic Committee

Elk Grove Soccer CEO and USDA Coach, Andrew Donnery has been invited to present and tutor for the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) on their International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program (ICECP). The program is comprised of coaches from 31 nations, 5 continents and represents 13 sports. The intended outcome is for ICECP participants is to return to their countries and to serve as coaches within their respective sports as well as become foundation builders for future coaches and athletes while spreading the Olympic spirit. 

Andrews extensive knowledge of athletic development and his reputation as one of the top coach educators in the US has led to this opportunity.  

The United States Olympic Committee (USOC), one of America’s premier sports organizations, is headquartered in Colorado Springs. The vision of the USOC is to enable America’s athletes to realize their Olympic and Paralympic dreams. The USOC’s mission is to support the United States Olympic and Paralympic athletes in achieving sustained competitive excellence and preserve the Olympic Ideals and thereby inspire all Americans 

 US Olympic Committee President, Lawrence F. Probst stated, 

While the United States has a long history of serving and supporting the Olympic Movement, we have made a renewed commitment to sharing our resources, expanding our international partnerships and extending a welcoming hand to the world. We are honored to be able to be involved with a program that contributes to the Olympic Movement’s greatest asset—its human capital. Through the ICECP program, we are not only training coaches, but we are touching individuals and supporting their human development as well as developing friendships worldwide. With 87 nations having won a medal in Rio de Janeiro, this shared international partnership is one of the Olympic Movement’s greatest strengths. 

Partnering with Olympic Solidarity gives us the opportunity to provide coaches with world-class training opportunities to improve their knowledge and expertise.  

Andrew will be at the Olympic Training Center headquarters in Colorado from October 16-20.